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De Bethune

De Bethune draws nurture and inspiration from several centuries of history in forging its vision of 21st century watchmaking art, profoundly rooted in contemporary culture. Each development is governed by a constant quest for aesthetic excellence, subtly interacting with the pursuit of high technical standards. The architecture of objects is driven as much by its beauty as by its sturdiness or its function, without any one factor outweighing the others. Like the classic chef d’oeuvres of historical master-watchmakers, De Bethune creations are authentic sculptures in which every component is designed to occupy all three spatial dimensions.

The De Bethune spherical moon epitomises this vision by providing a poetic and yet highly technical display of the motion of this heavenly body. Inspired by a longstanding tradition stemming from astronomical clocks, this depiction of the moon is also a tribute to Leonardo da Vinci, whose sketch of it appeared in the Madrid Codex.